About the Campaign

The I am a Tar Heel Worker campaign is an effort led by the NC Justice Center and coordinated with state and local partners to ensure that the stories and experiences of workers are considered in the reform of the state’s unemployment insurance system and that the impacts on workers are documented.

North Carolina needs to create more than 500,000 jobs in order to make up for what has been lost since the start of the Great Recession and meet the demand for work from the state’s workforce. The unemployment insurance system must continue to be a foundational support for the economy. In order for it to be effective, the system must support workers out of work, provide sufficient wage replacement and generate economic activity that can sustain or create jobs.

With unemployment at unprecedentedly high levels and nearly half of all workers out of work for 26 weeks or more, the unemployment insurance system is a critical lifeline for workers’ families, their communities and the broader economy.